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Week for the Animals
Coming 2020!
Presented by
1st Annual Annual Australia Week for the Animals

Join in this exciting Australia and New Zealand Week for the Animals celebration! Please also join the Facebook community and let us all Tweet for the amazing animals together! 

Please see how other Weeks for the Animals 
 have been celebrated at   http://www.weeksfortheanimals.org/

Throughout the week humane organizations, advocates, agencies, educational institutions, and citizens throughout Australia are being spotlighted in scores of wonderful animal-related special events. Advocates, community leaders and caring citizens across the UK and Ireland will be highlighted in exciting activities to celebrate and help build awareness for the amazing animals.

Events will include adoption fairs, spay/neuter awareness opportunities, dog fun shows events, open days, animal protection events, pet food runs, dog programs, issue-building events, activities for farm animals, bird tours, wildlife events, veggie & vegan festivals and therapy dogs visiting hospitals and living-assisted homes.

Also to be included educational programs and fun-filled festival days for families to come and enjoy food, music and the always amazing animals!

Please become involved..Animal lovers everywhere in the United Kingdom and Ireland an collectively participate. See the page "Become Involved" on this website for innovative ideas and suggestions on what you can do. Also, visit UK< India and Africa Weeks for the Animals.

See "Calendar of Events" page. Please note we are adding events and activities up to and during the exciting week. 

Please join together with us as we celebrate:

-Animals Australia
-Australia Zoo
-Australian Maritime Safety Authority
-Australian Wildlife Conservancy
-RSPCA Australia
-Native Animal Rescue Group
-Australian Working Dog Rescue
-Australian Pet Welfare Foundation
-International Fund for Animal Welfare
-PetRescue Australia
-FOUR PAWS Australia
-Project Hope Horse Welfare
-SARDA | Search and Rescue Dogs Australia
--Sydney Wildlife
-Animal Active Australia Inc.
-Australian Wildlife Protection Council
-Bendigo Animal Welfare and Community Services Inc.
-Blue Cross Animals Society
-Catholic Concern for Animals - Australia
-Choose Cruelty Free
-Coalition Against Duck Shooting
-Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses
-Edgar's Mission
-Humane Research Australia
-Humane Society for Animal Welfare
-Lawyers for Animals
-Oscar's Law
-Quest Equine Welfare Inc.
-Save-A-Dog Scheme
-New South Wales
-Animal Liberation
-Cat Protection Society of NSW
-Hunter Animal Watch
-Native Bird Liberation Alliance
-Wildlife Rescue Incorporated
-Working for Animals Inc.
-South Australia Animal Liberation SA
-Cats Assistance To Sterilise Inc
-Vegetarian and Vegan Society SA Inc.
-Western Australia
-Animal Aid Abroad Inc.
-Greener Pastures Sanctuary
-Stop Live Exports
-Animal Liberation QLD
-Animal Welfare League of QLD
-Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc.
-Brightside Farm Sanctuary

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